0601435103 GDS 30 Pro Impact Wrench

Bosch GDS 30 Pro Impact Wrench

0601435103 GDS 30 Pro Impact Wrench

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V-groove impact mechanism with low recoil torque and long lifetime
High impact performance with low weight
Forward/reverse rotation for tightening and loosening
Torsion bars (special accessory) guarantee adherence to desired torque
Easy-to-change tools
For heavy screw joints on trucks, construction machinery, in commercial vehicle construction, in the petrochemical and other heavy industries
Auxiliary handle with backing pad that can be fitted in two positions for better handling
Hanging hook for attaching to a balancer


Rated power input 920 W
Torque, max. (hard screwdriving applications) 1,000 Nm
Torque, max. (soft screwdriving applications) 500 Nm
Toolholder 1" external square
Rated speed 860 rpm
Weight without cable 7.3 kg
Length 431 mm
Height 436 mm


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