0601623000 GKS190 Hand Held Circular Saw

0601623000 GKS190 Hand Held Circular Saw

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The Bosch GKS190 Circular Saw is the most powerful tool in the entry level class.With a 1400W motor returning a no load speed of 5500rpm, it has the highest motor power in its class for fast sawing progress in soft and hard wood. Comes with a 190mm Optiline Blade for Wood, Parallel Guide and a Carry Case


Highest cutting depth (70 mm) and bevel capability (56°) in its class for flexibility in any work situation
Turbo blower for dust-free view of the cutting line
Optimised wood chip deflector for better view of the work surface
Robust closed aluminium die-cast pendulum guard
Compact tool design for best handling


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