DH28PBY Drill Rot/Ham 850W 3.4J 2 Mode

DH28PBY Drill Rot/Ham 850W 3.4J 2 Mode

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Capacity for concrete : 28mm
30% lower vibration
10 � 25% faster drilling speed over current model
New type of grease
New internal pressure control mechanism
Unique vibration reduction mechanism for DH28PBY/PCY
High durability hammering mechanism
Easy to grip and operate the new change lever
Easy to install bit � single action
Non-slip double-layer molded handle and gear cover


Weight 2.7kg
Overall Length 367mm
Capacity Drill bit: 28mm / Core bit: 50mm
Steel: 13mm
Wood: 32mm
Energy 3.2J
Impact Rate 0 – 4,300 (min-1)
No Load Speed 0 – 1,100 (min-1)
Standard Accessories Soft grip side handle, depth gauge, carry case
Power Input 850W


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