TA61062 SC3 Geared Scroll Chuck

TA61062 SC3 Geared Scroll Chuck

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The SC3 is one of two new chucks released by Record Power.
The SC3 is the lighter and more compact of the two making it ideal for smaller to medium sized lathes.
The compact design reduces load on the smaller lathe's spindles and bearings and gives better access to smaller work pieces.
The large jaw slides featured on the SC3 chuck gives unrivalled strength and holding power that will not be found with other chucks of the same size and price bracket.
The jaw fixing system on the SC3 chuck is a generic fitting meaning that jaws from Nova and Robert Sorby will also be compatible.


Generic Jaw Fixing System
Precision Engineered Gears
High Tensile Strength
Heavy Duty Jaw Slides
Single Handed Operation


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