TA-DAF8 Digital Angle Finder

TA-DAF8 Digital Angle Finder

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Large clear LCD display with digital readout to allow easy reading of angles
Calculates angles from 0-220 degrees. Up to 360 degrees when locking knob removed. Resolution of 0.05 degree
Large aluminium stock for stability and accuracy
Robust but lightweight aluminium construction butt
Dual metric/imperial scale folding metal blade 50mm wide with locking function
Use on internal and external angles to quickly measure an angle saving time and money
Use to check saw blade angle to bed
Easy operation with three buttons on/off, hold and zero/ABS
Readout always reads correctly when used in ABS mode
High quality level vial
Hold function
90 degree angle check on end of blade
Auto-shut off in 5 minutes


Measuring range: 000.0 deg to 220.0 deg (can reach 360.0 deg when locking knob removed)
Resolution: 0.05 deg/3 minutes
Accuracy: 0.15 deg
Size: 270 x 54 x 37 mm
Weight: 351 g
Total Shipping Weight: 0.8kg


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